Andy Middleton, Objet Europe

"The problem however can arise in finding, selecting, and recruiting the right individuals, making a mistake can be expensive. If like me, you operate in a very specific market in a growth area, time and quality is of the essence, and you need to bring employees in who can bring value fast. Myriam understood this early on and brought me the right talent with the minimum of effort from myself often under extreme time pressure. Today those people are helping me continue to grow the company, and as we grow Myriam will continue to find those people I need. In short Myriam provides an unequalled service whilst maintaining the level of discretion and professionalism that is needed in today’s world."

Wim Jansen, JC Decaux

"Myriam is a top recruitment professional with a large network and plenty of willingness to search the optimal candidate. She communicates well before, during and after the selection process. It was great working with Myriam"

Paul Willems, Ilford imaging switzerland GMBH

"Working with Myriam has been extremely rewarding. She has spent a lot of time with us up front to get both the job description as well as the profile description right and fully understood. She really challenged and pushed to get this crystal clear. Although, this created some extra work in the startup of the project, it has really paid off. The candidates she produced for us were spot on and we did not waste any time on sorting through a large numbers of resume or speaking with people that really don't fit the profile. Overall, it was a success working with Myriam and we also learned some valuable lessons from it"

Els Schabergs, Ogone

"A good preparation is half the battle’: this is Myriam her drive. She will only start the recruitment if she really understands whom she has to search for. Not only related to job content but also to company culture and personality. The result is that the introduced candidates are not highly quantitative but highly qualitative. And I like really this efficient partnership!"

Anja Jessen, GHX

"Working with Myriam goes beyond the normal client-agent relationship. Suddenly you find yourself with a new colleague, one who digs deeper into your requirements than you've done previously. One who provides insight - and who does not give up, even against the worst of odds"

Bob Boekema, Lyreco

"Myriam heeft een zeer gestructureerde en gedetaileerde benadering van de klant wensen en een breed netwerk waardoor in relatief korte tijd de juiste kwalitatieve profielen door haar voorgesteld worden"

Francois de Barros, Lancor

"I would just like to reiterate that we have used her talents in the past and that she has a strong track-record with us. We have found that she is hard working, dedicated, passionate and results orientated. Her modus operandi is very similar to ours. If you decide to go with her, I think you will not be disappointed."

Rudi Das, BP

«Thorough analysis, personal approach, fast follow up and transparent reporting»

Didier Bonnet, Cargill TDC Food EU

«A structured and transparent process, close cooperation with the client from requirements analysis until the signing of the contract between the candidate and the company, follow up of
hired candidates.»

Nicole Van de Gucht, American Standard Companies EMEA HQ

«Efficient and discreet, Myriam Binder is a quality partner, creative and professional she goes to the essential whilst maintaining a profound respect for the human being.
Her operational experience make her a realistic consultant, open to
"out of the box" solutions who does not hesitate to push her clients to think and reflect.
Used to working internationally she also adapts to
local recruitments.»

Pierre Staquet, Banksys

«Quality intake (understanding role and environment), fast presentation of candidates, variety in profile of candidates
(different organisational scenarios considered), flexibility of the
small company»

Pia Strebler, Creo Eamer (Kodak Subsidiary)

«Trust, plays cards on the table (transparency), great spirits and results orientation»

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